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Tree House

treehouse resorts Kerala

Comprising of five tree houses (including 1 exclusive child friendly tree house) set high above the lush canopy of the rainforest. The quaint thatch roofs and bamboo walls built by members of indigenous tribes with locally sourced materials, contain all domestic comforts and are designed to utilize natural spring water that flows down from the surroundings hills and uses solar energy as a power source. Ideal for couples and for small families.

Due to logistical constraints, guests will be permitted to carry only a limited amount of baggage to the tree house (as in an emergency, light luggage will let you move faster to safer 50 - 60 ft up to your accommodation.) Please transfer personal items that are absolutely essential for the duration of your stay into a small bag to take with you. The rest of your luggage will be kept safe at the reception and handed over on your checking out from the tree house.