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vythiri rainforest resort

Resort Overview

Set along the slope of a forest clad hill, beside three branches of a sprightly mountain stream that forks as it flows through the 150 acre property, coming together and broadening at the end of the slope, Vythiri Resort is an exquisite jungle hideaway and a naturalist's treasure trove. Wrapped in the enchantment of a tropical rainforest, beneath an enormous interlaced canopy formed by majestic trees, stone paved paths fringed by tropical plants wind through leading to brick coloured cottages, designed in architecture influenced to a great extent by the vernacular of the region. Built with wooden rafters on the roof and parquet flooring, furnished in wood and fabrics in a palette of earth colours - the accommodations are spacious, equipped with the state of the art in amenities and verandas that look out at fabulous views of the forest - an intimate experience of the surrounding sights and sounds. Available in configurations that range from lofty tree houses situated above the towering canopy higher up the slope of the hill and further down, cottages on stilts overlooking the stream, some equipped with Jacuzzis, others with private pools(temperature controlled) and a set of suites, they are all without exception, elegant and exclusive.

A rope bridge across one branch of the stream (sways gently as one gets across) leads to a restaurant and a coffee shop alongside, both overlooking the swimming pool at one end and a sweeping view of the forest all around. Everywhere, the muted hiss of the stream is a continuous serenade. Days usually begin with the rousing melody of a Malabar Whistling Thrush and then the forest comes alive. Bands of foraging monkeys and insects and birds begin their life songs. The day ahead is ripe with possibilities -splendidly plumed tropical birds on overhanging branches, colourful butterflies and the insistent chatter of cicadas, the irresistible lure of the jungle - the incessant throb of nature is the only clock you will need here. Allow yourself to be seduced by the promise of discovery, bliss and exaltation - body, mind and soul.

Resort Temperature

Season Minimum Maximum
Winter ( Oct. to jan. ) 08C 25C
Summer ( Feb. to June ) 15C 29C
Monsoon ( July to Sep.) 11C 21C
Do remember to bring your sneakers and swim wear for activities